What companies are in the consumer non-durables field

What Companies Are in the Consumer Non-Durables Field? 5 Great Companies Overview

What companies are in the consumer non-durables field? The companies in this sector are typically lower growth businesses with higher dividend potential. Read on.

A good example of one of these companies is Altria, which is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of cigarettes in the United States and around the world. The company is headquartered in Virginia and its stock currently has a 76 EPS rating and an 88 composite rating.

You can also learn about the available companies in the basic industry field here.

What companies are in the consumer non-durables field

What Companies Are in the Consumer Non-Durables Field?

  1. Procter & Gamble
  2. Unilever PLC
  3. Coca-Cola
  4. Kellogg
  5. Nestle S.A.


If you are looking to pursue a career in the consumer non-durables industry, Unilever is a great place to start. The company has an internship program that lasts five to six months and requires students to work 32 hours per week.

While this is a demanding internship program, it is also very rewarding and can help you develop a career in the consumer non-durability industry. You can get involved in the company’s leadership development programs as well.

In addition to internships, the company also offers regular professional positions. Graduates will have a chance to work in different marketing departments. These positions are ideal for students with a passion for technology and marketing.

Graduates with a STEM degree or MBA will be well-positioned for these positions.

Unlike other sectors, consumer non-durables businesses tend to grow at a slower rate. However, many of these companies have a high dividend potential.

One of the largest of these companies is Unilever, a British multinational company that manufactures:

  • Food,
  • Ice cream, and
  • Cleaning agents.

The company operates in more than 190 countries and has an 88-component rating, which translates to an EPS of 76.

While Unilever is a global company, the company has many factories in the USA. It has several production plants in the country, but has also incorporated production facilities in other countries, mainly in Asia, where labor is cheaper.

The increase in the number of consumers in the world has also helped the company grow and expand its business.

Another good reason to work for a consumer non-durables company is the good compensation. These companies are typically large companies with good benefits and advancement opportunities.

Moreover, they are frequently looking for talented individuals to join their teams. And because they are not as dependent on the economy, these companies provide stable employment for their workers.

These companies have the added benefit of being globally renowned.

Unilever PLC manufactures consumer goods and sells them through three main segments:

  1. Beauty and Personal Care,
  2. Foods and Refreshment, and
  3. Home Care.

The Beauty and Personal Care segment sells:

  • Cosmetics,
  • Deodorants, and
  • Skin care products.

The Foods and Refreshment segment produces:

  • Ice cream,
  • Snacks, and
  • Salad dressings.

Unilever also manufactures cleaning products for home and fabric.


Kellogg is a company that produces a variety of consumer non-durables. These products range from groceries to paper goods and medications. The goal of this industry is to keep the consumer happy and healthy.

This industry is a broad one and has many opportunities for career advancement and personal growth.

The consumer non-durables field offers a wide variety of job opportunities for recent graduates. Many of these companies have outstanding internship programs.

Unilever, for example, offers an intensive five to six-month internship program that includes 32 hours of work each week. The program provides a valuable experience and may lead to a full-time job at the company.

Moreover, this field allows graduates to pursue a multi-national career.

The consumer non-durables field is comprised of many large companies. Some of them are listed below. Unilever is a British multinational consumer goods company that manufactures and sells a variety of foods and beverages.

Its products can be found in over 190 countries.

Another large company in the consumer non-durables sector is Nestle S.A. Nestle is a Swiss multinational food and drink company with its headquarters in Vevey, Vaud. It is the largest food company in the world and has operations in nearly one hundred and thirty countries.

The company has an impressive sustainability track record and is a leader in the field of agrobiodiversity and soil health.

The company’s Origins program aims to source 100 percent of its ten priority ingredients responsibly. The company reports on the percentage of priority ingredients it sources and their impact on communities.

Kellogg is headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan and produces foods throughout the world. In addition to cereals, it also manufactures cereal bars, frozen waffles, and fruit-flavored snacks.

Additionally, Kellogg also makes food for vegans and vegetarians. It is a multi-national food company that has been around for over a century. It was founded by Will Keith Kellogg in 1906. The company’s mission is to create a healthier future for communities worldwide.

 consumer non-durables, consumer non-durables field


Coca-Cola is a well-known company, and it is the second largest in the non-durables sector. Founded in 1886, it is a multinational company specializing in non-alcoholic beverages. While the company has a long history, it is still constantly looking for new ways to improve its products.

Companies in the consumer non-durables field are typically lower-growth, but they do have above-average dividend potential. Coca-Cola, for example, is involved in brewing and manufacturing sodas and candies.

It has operations around the world and has factories in the United States. Its stock has an 88 composite rating and an EPS of 76.

Working for a company in the consumer non-durables field offers plenty of opportunities for growth and security. Whether you’re interested in marketing, sales, or product development, this industry has a wide range of career paths.

The benefits package and job satisfaction are excellent.

Coca-Cola offers a variety of benefits for its employees, including:

  • Health insurance,
  • Relocation expenses, and
  • Maternity Protection Policy for employees who have children.

Many top consumer non-durables companies place a high emphasis on diversity in the workplace. This helps them better understand their consumer base. They also provide a wide range of training for their employees, including classes on diversity in leadership.

The consumer non-durables industry is the largest sector in the world, and there are several different types of companies operating in this sector. These companies produce everyday products and distribute their brands across the world.

They also make good incomes. Many major brands, including Coca-Cola, are based in the consumer non-durables industry.

The consumer non-durables industry offers many excellent career opportunities for recent graduates. Some companies like Procter & Gamble have great internship programs. While some of these programs are short-term, many companies offer paid internships.

There are also plenty of opportunities to advance your career with a company like Unilever.

Consumer non-durables jobs depend on a variety of factors. The economy and industry are important factors that determine the number of jobs available in this field.

The demand for consumer non-durable goods is constantly increasing, so companies need people to fill their positions. This type of field is highly competitive and can offer high-paying jobs around the world.

Procter & Gamble

Consumer non-durables jobs are among the most lucrative careers for recent college graduates, but there are some unique requirements that you should keep in mind.

Companies such as Procter & Gamble have excellent internship programs to help new graduates develop their career skills. These internships typically last five to six months, and interns work for a pay-per-hour rate.

Afterwards, the interns can either find employment or move up to full-time positions within the company.

The consumer non-durables field includes companies that produce a range of different products. Many companies in this field are multi-brand businesses, which means they need to create different marketing strategies for different brands.

There are various marketing responsibilities and brand management jobs in this field, and Procter & Gamble has a lot to offer.

While P&G is known for its popular brands, it is also an innovator in new products. For example, its nontoxic insect repellent Zevo was released in 2019. In addition, the company is also creating plant-based cleaning products.

Aside from innovation, Procter & Gamble is also reshaping its business to cut costs and streamline its business.

P&G is a global company with many different types of consumer products. Its business divisions include Baby Care, Fabric Care, Family Care, and Feminine Care. Its products are also available in over 100 countries.

What companies are in the consumer non-durables field

The company has a long and successful history. As a result, it offers great benefits and plenty of room for career development.

Salary is competitive in the consumer non-durables field. It varies widely by company, but entry-level jobs in the food industry can earn up to $38,000 a year. Senior food scientists can make up to $85,000 a year, and managers can earn up to $100,000.

In the consumer non-durables field, companies make products that are consumed and disposed of in a relatively short amount of time. They include soap, deodorant, and toothpaste.

Some of the largest names in the consumer non-durables field include Procter & Gamble and Unilever.