best paying jobs in capital goods

What Are The Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods? Top 7 Per Industry

The best paying jobs in capital goods are in the manufacturing, automobile, and petroleum refining. There are other highest paying jobs in capital goods as well. Here are various industries and their average salaries. Read on.

Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods

Here are some of the highest best paying jobs in capital goods for those intending to work or working with capital goods:

Manufacturing Industries

The best paying jobs in capital goods based in manufacturing industries (generally).

Highest Paying Jobs Ranges Averages
Human Resources (HR) Manager $53k – $96k $72,578
Mechanical Engineer $53k – $91k $67,954
Human Resources (HR) Generalist $45k – $70k $56,606
Manufacturing Engineer $55k – $88k $68,538
Information Technology (IT) Manager $59k – $125k $87,372
Financial Controller $62k – $127k $89,212
Operations Manager $51k – $118k $79,093

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Automobile manufacturing Industry

The best paying jobs in capital goods based in automobile manufacturing industry.

Highest Paying Jobs Ranges Averages
Mechanical Engineer $59k – $105k $76,451
Manufacturing Engineer $58k – $96k $73,004
Process Engineer $58k – $91k $73,021
Software Engineer $65k – $126k $86,512
Controls Engineer $63k – $107k $80,292
Production Supervisor $51k – $82k $65,126
Electrical Engineer $65k – $113k $81,568

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Petroleum Refining Industry

The best paying jobs in capital goods based in petroleum refining industry.

Highest Paying Jobs Ranges Averages
Process Engineer $89k – $121k $102,241
Senior Process Engineer $113k – $134k $128,531
Environmental Engineer $91k – $127k $114,000
Petroleum Engineer $95k – $167k $117,500
Accountant $58k – $64k $61,868
Chemical Engineer $63k – $114k $100,000
Operations Supervisor Not available $128,500

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What are Capital Goods?

Capital goods are the machines, equipment, buildings and software that companies use to produce goods and services.

Capital goods are sold to businesses by manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Capital goods include computers, office furniture and other equipment needed for business operations.

Here, you can learn “what companies are in the capital goods field

8 Examples of Capital Goods

  1. Computers
  2. Vehicles and transportation equipment such as airplanes, railroads and ships
  3. Industrial machinery such as welding equipment and machinery used in construction
  4. Office equipment such as computers and software
  5. Medical equipment such as x-ray machines, MRI scanners and blood analyzers
  6. Communications equipment such as mobile phones and satellite dishes
  7. Construction equipment such as cranes and bulldozers
  8. Consumer durables such as TVs, refrigerators and washing machines

best paying jobs in capital goods

List of 10 Capital Goods Industries

The following is a list of 10 capital goods industries:

  • Aerospace (aircrafts and parts)
  • Automobiles (trucks and parts)
  • Banking (financial services)
  • Construction equipment (heavy equipment)
  • Electronics (computers and telecom equipment)
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Health care equipment manufacturing
  • Machinery manufacturing (industrial machinery)
  • Petroleum and Petrochemical Products Manufacturing
  • Petroleum refining

Capital Goods and U.S. Economy

Capital goods represent a major share of the U.S. economy, accounting for more than 30% of gross domestic product (GDP). The Bureau of Economic Analysis defines capital goods as “goods used in long-term production.”

In addition to being big parts of the economy, capital goods are also big employers in the U.S., providing jobs for millions of Americans. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that nearly 15 million Americans have jobs in manufacturing – an industry that produces many capital goods.

jobs in capital goods


In the United Kingdom

Many people, including those who work in manufacturing, don’t realize how lucrative this industry can be for workers. In fact, many of the highest paid jobs in the United Kingdom are related to capital goods.

Management consultants, Aircraft pilots, and Engineers

In first place was management consultants, with an average hourly wage of £34.9 per hour.

In second place were aircraft pilots, at a rate of £28.61 per hour.

Third were professional engineers and accountants, earning roughly £24-25 per hour on average.

The hourly wages – £21.91 an hour

Accountants have a high level of job security and are in demand across many sectors. Furthermore, they can expect good pay and benefits.

In 2017, the average hourly wage for accountants was £21.91 per hour in Great Britain – more than £4 more than the national average. Accountants working in finance earned even more, at an average of £23 per hour.

Accountants were also one of the highest paid skilled employees in capital goods which includes manufacturing industries such as aerospace engineering where workers earn on average around £33 per hour!

A skilled employment category

A skilled employment category, their average hourly wage was £ 21.19.

As a skilled employee in this industry, you’ll be doing some heavy lifting as well as carrying out various other tasks such as painting and maintenance.

capital goods

Advertising and PR services

With an hourly rate of £20.53, those working in advertising and PR services were the fourth highest paid skilled employees in the capital goods sector.

In the advertising and public relations (PR) sector, skilled employees earned an hourly rate of £20.53. This was higher than any other occupation in this sector, as well as being one of the highest paying jobs for any industry in the UK.

List of other top best paying jobs in capital goods

Other top best paying jobs in capital goods includes:

  • Financial managers and directors (with an hourly rate of £20.53),
  • IT and telecommunications professionals (£19, 90),
  • Civil engineers (£19, 50),
  • Electrical engineers (£ 19.49) and
  • Mechanical engineers (£ 19.48).



The best paying jobs in capital goods – Capital spending is the part of the long run aggregate supply (LRAS) curve that shifts to the right when an economy moves from full employment to output gap (i.e., output at potential or above potential).

The list of the best paying jobs in capital goods is given above.

High paying job are not just lucrative, they can create value across industries, and even the community and the nation. They also deserve a spot at the top of our best paying jobs list.

These occupations have the highest median annual pay. Overall, there are three occupational groups that include jobs with above-average pay. These are managers in construction, air transportation, and compensation specialists.

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