Walmart Holiday Pay: Workers Picketed in Front of a Walmart to Protest the Company’s Holiday Pay Policy

walmart holiday pay

Walmart holiday pay: Workers, labor activists and elected officials held a demonstration outside a Phoenix Walmart to protest its holiday pay policy. Customers had voiced displeasure about not compensating its staff more during holidays such as Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Walmart gives its employees holiday PTO hours that can be used for vacation or other purposes instead of holiday pay.

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Independence Day

Holidays like Independence Day provide Americans with an opportunity to honor past heroes while having fun and relaxing on a relaxing and enjoyable day of festivities. Many take this time off travel or visiting historic sites – a costly endeavor but certainly worthwhile for some people.

Some Walmart shoppers have called for a boycott after learning from a report that the retailer does not pay workers extra when working holidays and does not provide overtime pay, instead offering only meager discounts to employees. Target and Macy’s provide time and a half payments for holiday shifts.

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Walmart does not provide employees with paid vacation days; however, they have the opportunity to accrue paid time off (PTO). How much PTO an employee accrues will depend on how long they have been employed at Walmart.

President’s Day

President’s Day commemorates both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and is celebrated by various patriotic and historical groups through commemorations, reenactments and other activities. Additionally, it’s an extremely popular shopping holiday, with retailers advertising special discounts in order to take full advantage of a three-day weekend.

Although US retailers aren’t legally required to compensate their workers overtime for working shifts on holidays like Thanksgiving, many do. Walmart opens its stores at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving and gives its employees either 10% or 15% discounts when shopping in-store; the Guardian reported this week that Walmart does not pay its workers extra when working Thanksgiving shifts.

Walmart introduced a Personal Time Off system a few years ago. Employees earn PTO each year and can cash it out whenever desired; employees accrue PTO at different rates depending on length of employment and role within the company.

Memorial Day

Retail employees may be wondering whether Memorial Day pay will apply to them as retail employees are generally expected to work if their shift falls on this holiday, although overtime pay may not legally apply; Walmart does not give its employees extra holiday pay even when working holidays; rather they give PTO which they can use whenever appropriate.

Workers at this store are protesting their treatment during the holidays, demanding higher pay for working Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and other holidays. They claim they are being mistreated by an owner-operated business ranked among the richest worldwide. Apple, Lyft and Nike have taken steps to address workers’ pay and benefits during this period.

Labor Day

Walmart employees work overtime during the holiday season due to increased demands from their employers, requiring extra hours from workers across all departments and regions. Workers and labor activists are calling upon Walmart to pay employees an hourly rate higher when working on holidays than its current PTO policy allows. Many employees also do not get overtime pay on these days.

Apple and Instacart provide enhanced pay for working holidays like Thanksgiving. Some retailers such as Target, Macy’s and JCPenney pay workers extra if they work this holiday.

Walmart is under pressure to reconsider their holiday pay policy after The Guardian published an expose that found they do not provide employees with special premiums for Thanksgiving and Black Friday work. Customers have even threatened a boycott against Walmart over this policy decision.

Christmas Day

Walmart does not give its employees special treatment during Christmas Day; business will remain open as usual and hourly pay rates will apply as usual; however, many UFCW-represented employees receive holiday premiums such as pay plus time and a half for working that day.

Reports this week of Walmart’s decision not to offer employees extra pay on Thanksgiving and Black Friday have caused outrage online and among shoppers alike. Walmart is owned by the Walton family, who hold an estimated net worth of $201 billion.

Target and Macy’s both pay their employees overtime on holidays; Walmart stands out as one of few large employers not to provide increased hours or premium pay; instead it gives workers discounts when shopping at its own stores.

New Year’s Day

Walmart stands apart from many companies by not paying its employees overtime when working holidays such as New Year’s Day; instead it provides its employees with a small in-store discount as an incentive.

Walmart employees need to be recognized and compensated fairly for their work over the holidays so that they can celebrate this joyous season with family. UFCW members want this policy changed so employees are recognized for all of their hard work and sacrifice during this holiday season.

Walmart introduced the Personal Time Off (PTO) system in 2016 as an alternative to their holiday pay system, giving associates access to accrue PTO based on hours worked. Associates can use their PTO for vacation, personal days and sick leave as needed – although factors like tenure and position still impact how much PTO an employee can accrue. If any cashes out, Walmart will make one-time payments of cash-out hours times their hourly pay rate for one-off payment to employees.