Startups Guide: 8 Great Steps to Starting a Business


This guide is an introduction to startups. Later on we will cover how to evaluate a startup idea, prepare a business plan, and develop the right team. We will also cover what you need to do when you launch your startup and how to get venture capital funding.

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Startups Guide.

This guide below assumes that you have already come up with a business idea and evaluated its potential. In fact, it’s not really a detail guide at all. But a very important hint that I wrote about starting a company from scratch called The Startup Owner’ Directives.

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It is said that the first step to success is to start something. That is also the key to a startup. Starting a business is a dream for many people, but not everyone knows where to start from.

The answer lies in these steps:

  1. Define your startups idea
  2. Start a company podcast
  3. Build a website
  4. Get the word out
  5. Fund your startup
  6. Start a company podcast
  7. Test your product and tweak it as needed
  8. Launch!

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