Highest Paying Jobs in Customer Service: 4 Fantastic Tips for You

highest paying jobs in customer service

In a recent ZipRecruiter study, the highest paying jobs in customer service were not traditional descriptions. Some jobs are more specialized, and their terminology is more unique.

What are the highest paying jobs in customer service?

The higher-paying positions are also those that use less traditional terminology, such as “customer success manager,” “customer experience coordinator,” or “customer experience specialist.”

The study found that the higher paying jobs may not be attractive to as many job candidates. Consequently, wages may be higher, since the job market is tight.

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highest paying jobs in customer service

Job description

When crafting a job description for customer service, it is essential to make clear the qualifications and experience needed for the position.

While these roles are considered entry-level, it is important to specify the level of training, experience, and attitude needed to succeed. Here are some tips to create an impressive job description:

Patient care coordinator: A patient care coordinator works for a doctor’s office, hospital, rehabilitation center, or health care agency. They schedule appointments, secure pre-approval from insurance companies, and arrange for patient care.

Patient care coordinators must be well-versed in medical terminology and understand how to communicate with patients. A social media customer care associate monitors and responds to complaints posted on social media accounts.

Customer service is a broad field, encompassing many different roles. Some positions have different titles, while others are similar but involve different responsibilities.

Some jobs include providing technical help to customers, helping them make purchasing decisions, and ensuring that a positive experience is created throughout the customer journey.

For example, a help desk associate at a department store works in a different environment than a software support specialist in a call center.

If you want to be a customer service specialist, you will need to have good people skills and be flexible with your schedule. Many of these positions can be done by people with no higher education.

Customer service specialists can be found in many industries and require a positive attitude. Job descriptions for customer service specialists range from tech support specialist to customer care supervisor.

These are all jobs that require a positive attitude and good people skills.

Education required

While there are a variety of customer service positions that pay well, the highest paying jobs in the field are not required to have a college degree. In fact, most customer service representatives have only a high school diploma, although 31% go on to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Other higher paying jobs in customer service may require a higher education, such as a degree in business administration or management.

Many people have a background in customer service as a backup profession. After obtaining a college degree, many people leave the field to pursue other careers. Others decide to go back to the field, but the need for customer service professionals will never decrease.

As such, it’s a good idea to consider a career in customer service as a back-up option. And while it’s not a very high-paying career path, there will always be a need for qualified customer service workers.

customer service representative, highes paying jobs, customer service specialist


Customer service representatives answer calls from customers and other members of the public. Most jobs in this position are provided through the telephone, although some representatives may also interact with customers face to face or via email or live chat.

The duties of a customer service representative vary by industry. In a bank, for example, customer service representatives handle questions about accounts and process refunds. In a telecommunications company, customer service representatives may handle problems with service, outages, or other issues.

At retail stores, customer service representatives process returns, process refunds, update customer accounts, and generate sales while providing information.

In 2020, the median salary for a Customer Service Representative (CSR) was $35,830. The highest-paid 25 percent of these professionals earned $45,400, while the lowest 25 percent made $28,760.

The highest-paying cities for Customer Service Representatives are San Francisco, San Jose, Midland, Stockton, and Boston. Across the United States, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Washington, and California pay the highest salaries for this profession.

In most cases, a customer service representative needs a high school diploma and on-the-job training. It is also helpful if they have experience using computers and are good with people.

A customer service representative may have to work evenings, weekends, and holidays. Some call centers operate 24 hours a day, making it necessary for them to work on a rotating schedule.

If they want to earn the highest salary, a Customer Service Representative should have at least two years of experience.

The median salary for a Customer Service Representative is $34,710, and the top 25% earn $43,980. Only 36% of these workers feel that they are paid enough to pay their living expenses.

In other words, customer service representative salaries can range anywhere from $17,000 to $61,500, and may vary widely depending on location, experience, and skill level. But there are some key differences in salary for Customer Service Representatives.

highest paying jobs in customer service


If you’re interested in a career in customer service, you might wonder what the highest paying jobs in this field are. The best customer service jobs can earn upwards of $185,000 a year.

Regardless of your geographic location, there are a variety of customer service positions available. These jobs range from agents, representatives, coordinators, specialists, managers, and more. Listed below are some of the highest paying customer service jobs.

Customer service jobs can be found in many locations, but if you’re interested in working in an on-site or online environment, consider applying to a company that offers on-site or virtual customer service.

Once you’ve decided what type of customer service job you want, join one of the many job boards. There are several popular job boards on the Internet, including Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and SimplyHired.

These job boards allow you to filter out jobs that match your education and salary expectations.