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Types of Business Startups: 5 Lucrative Startups

Before I go into the types of business startups, I want you to know that the amount of business startups is on the rise, with some entrepreneurs starting companies in their spare time as side hustles. However, all types of businesses should be planned and started with a strategic approach.

Business startups

There are many different types of business startups, but we are going to discuss the major and common types of business startups in this posts, which are: small business startups, buyable business startups, scalable business startups, offshoot business startups, social business startups.

So, sit comfortably and enjoy the reading and don’t forget to pen down some invaluable points.

Startups are a unique business model. They can come in all shapes and sizes, be they small businesses or large corporations. Nevertheless, they all share the same characteristics. All startups have to start somewhere and grow fast to survive the competitive market.

type of business startups

Here are our previous thoughts on startups:

The list of successful startups is endless, but here are 2 of the most notable ones from all over the world.

1. Airbnb

Airbnb started out as a project that enabled users to rent their extra rooms for short periods of time. Today, Airbnb is one of the most popular accommodation sites on the globe.

2. Dropbox

As of 2018, the value of a startup is estimated to be around $2.5 billion. There will be an expected rise in the number for the next decades. The startups have become one of the most lucrative investment opportunities for investors and engineers alike. They are able to raise millions and billions of dollars as they grow, but they don’t always get to enjoy that money because big companies buy them out and strip their ideas for parts.

5 types of Business Startups

Small Business startups

Small business startups are the most common type of startup. These are self-starters or companies with small teams.

They tend to be more risk averse and less tech savvy, but they can be bought out by bigger companies like Google and Facebook. This brings us to the next type of business startups.

Buyable Business Startups

Businesses that want to be “buyable” are called “Buyable startups” because they are companies that are generally built to be bought or sold out.

Scalable Business Startups

Businesses that seek capital or attempt to scale themselves fall under the scalable startup category.

Offshoot Business Startups

Offshoot startups are businesses that often branch off from bigger parent corporations.

Social Business Startups

Organizations that often take on the form of a charity or not-for-profit are referred to as a social startup.

These are the most commonest types of business startups that exist today around the world. If you have a startup, you should be able to know which type it falls into and this will further solidify your aim, goals and objectives for which you started the business earlier.

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Offshoot Startups


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